Saturday, March 04, 2006

Taiwan Basketball

Basketball is really popular here. There's a cable channel that shows bball like 24 hours a day. At least, I have never seen anything other than basketball on that channel. I just finished watching an exciting fourth quarter between Taiwan Beer and the Dacin Tigers in the um, Super Basketball League(SBL). It's sort of like NCAA ball, but without dunkin'. I haven't watched the channel enough to know if all they show is Taiwan basketball, or if they show Mainland ball as well. It is definitely all chinese though.

It's also hilarious to watch. Here's a sample transcript:

Announcer 1: <really fast chinese>
Announcer 2: <more really fast chinese>
1: <rfc> turnover! <rfc>
2: Woah!
1: Wow!
1: <rfc>
2: <rfc>
1: <rfc> Wah!

I'm starting to get some of the lingo down though. I know 2-pointer and 3-pointer. And the English that gets mixed in is kind of funny.

Oh wait! Now they're showing highlights of the game set to Green Day!




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