Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More from Taipei Game Show 2007

Final set of links from the Taipei Game Show:

GameWatch explores Taipei and finds, among other things, Guang Hua Market, some new maid cafe, and a giant Gundam store called Gundam Base Taipei. I wish I'd known about the GBT! Or maybe it's new. They took a lot of nice pictures of familiar places, but now those familiar places have PS3s.

Taoyuan Nights has tons of great pictures from the event and some good commentary as well.

There's a youtube video of the WoW booth, though I haven't watched it yet due to the complexities of running Flash on Linux in 64bit Firefox(read: not possible and I refuse to go 32bit).

And finally, ridiculous booth babe pics in some forum.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Taipei Game Show 2007

Taipei Game Show 2007 began festivities on Feb. 8. Boy, browsing pictures from the event really brings back old memories!

Check out coverage(and pics!) from Impress Watch, The Daily Bubble Tea, and IslaFormosa.

DigiTimes also has some more, ah... news-like reporting on the event.

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